Priests’ Testimonials

Our member-priests are most grateful for the spiritual support they receive in Christ’s name through spiritual adoption. Though they cannot directly contact their sponsor to thank them, member-priests often write in to express the gratitude they feel for the generous prayer support offered in their names and for the Adopt-a-Priest program that facilitates this charitable exchange. The following are some of the grateful  testimonials sent in by our member-priests:

  • The power of prayer

    “I strongly believe in the power of prayer. The prayer has surely helped in my priestly ministry. “ Fr. E.

  • It gives me a smile every day

    “The joy of being prayed for keeps me going in the struggles and challenges of my priesthood. It gives me a smile every day. Thank you for praying for me.” ~Fr. A.

  • Even if it were to be only for a single hour

    “Thank you for telling me that a good Samaritan is there to pray for me. I really need it so much that even if it were to be only for a single hour I would still feel happy, since that sick woman touched Jesus’ cloak only a little from behind and she got cured.” ~ Fr. C.

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